If you want to promote your products or business rent a banner on our website (

Formats – Cost Per Mille (CPM)
728×90 top page – US$ 6,25 – (CPM)

728x90 - US$ 3,25 - (CPM)

300×600 – US$ 4,25 – (CPM)

300x600 - US$ 2,25 - (CPM)

336×280 – US$ 3,50 – (CPM)

336x280 - US$ 2,50 - (CPM)

728×90 bottom page – US$ 2,50 – (CPM)

728x90 - US$ 1,50 - (CPM)

jpg or png

You can send us:
– the banner already made or send the information you want to appear and we will do the banner (respect the banner size). Do not use third-party images only purchased or produced.
– a link to the banner
– The amount of days that you want to appear
– Payment by PayPal

Once the information is submitted and accepted we will put the banner in 24h.

The value refers to a thousand impressions. When the end of the contracted period we will remove the banner from the website. If you want your banner back you need to make the rent again.

We have listed some benefits:

• Promotion, remember, and strengthen the brand and products.
• Increased visibility.
• Obtaining customers.
• To boost sales, attracting new customers and markets.
• Generate a potential impact and visibility.

About the site:

For Everyone Now ( is a site of lyrics.

Website information (Google Analytics)
More than 1000000 page views per month.

The main accesses are the US.

Visitors have aged:
• 18 and 24 years – 27.50%
• 25 to 34 years – 33,50%
• 35 to 44 years – 15.50%
• 45 to 54 years – 12.50%

54.15% are male and 45.85% are female

We will not accept.

Dangerous products or services, Products or services that enable dishonest behavior, Offensive or inappropriate content, Adult-oriented content, Alcoholic beverages, Gambling-related content, Healthcare-related content and Political content.

The most important thing for many such businesses is building a brand.

Any questions you can contact our team (by email: [email protected] ).

We are look forward to promoting your opportunity!

Thanks for listening!

Team For Everyone Now
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