Bryan Adams – So Happy It Hurts

October 11, 2021
Bryan Adams - So Happy It Hurts

Driving down Trans-Canada 1
Top down I got the radio on – alright
Gonna get there tonight

A little closer every bend in the road
Motor runnin, think I’m gonna explode – alright
I got you in my sights
Blacktop burnin underneath my wheels
It’s crazy how I feel

I'm so happy it hurts – I’m so happy it hurts
I'm so glad it's outrageous – I’m so happy it hurts
That stupid grin on my face – must be some kind of curse
You put a spell on me baby – I’m so happy it hurts

The sun is shinin’ and there’s no more rain
Step on the gas and forget all the pain
Let it go – out on the open road
Rocky mountains in the rearview mirror
I can’t wait til I get there
All right – I’m gonna drive all night
Been around the world – there ain’t much I’ve missed
But I ain’t felt nothin’ like this
I'm so happy it hurts…

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