Moni Grace – The Chase (Interview)

March 27, 2021

Isnt 22
A little too old to have
Daddy issues
I get that you’re f***ucked up
We all are dude
But what gives you the right to be a total douche
And its a tad too emo to play victim you know
Its not the charming sad white boy aesthetic youre used to
Kind of like choosing to smoke weed and drink mountain dew
While yelling at some 12 year old on xbox
Refusing to actually talk to real people
In your cum stained boxers from american eagle — gross

I screenshot every venmo
Which were exchanged since April
Cus while I was still with ya
I was always faithful
And now I am grateful
To finally be able to

You were NEVER
worth the chase
I hope she f***ucks you harder with the acne on your face
Your misogynistic or racist views
the fancy hundai
You never failed to dissapoint
Like please only stick to prerolled joints
You could never even pack tbh

Oh and when your vape clouds evaporate
Like the people who now tolerate you
Hide behind the snapbacks
And you reak purely of axe
And privileged opinions
Which nobody asks for.

Yeah and most importantly,
I thank that door he decided to break instead
So watch my snap story
Cus you’ll never hear from me again
I know you’ll see shortly
So maybe before he
Weighs himself he weighs his lies
So he breaks the scale for the 10th thousandth time
While he’ll jack off to rick and morty
Signed accordingly
Thank you for saving me
For we
Have made it to the end
Ba da dad da dadadadadada
f***uck the we’ll still be friends
Ba dad adadada

Ya i wish you luck with the stds
And his ocd
Or just sleeping on the floor

I took the bedframe back cus he never paid for shit
Threw away the mattress
Hope she enjoys the small dick
Im so glad someone gets off to it
Thank you cus i was so ucking sick of faking it

And I hope she likes her gifts
Like the IG Stories or pro trump posts
cus to buy his lunchBles means u get a hot pink sweater from
Abscrombie ajd Fitch
Signed the luckiest bitch from 01742

And f***uck ur 603 and oh most importantly
To the second hottest girl in the tenth grade
Thank you, thank you
(that’s literally what she looks like)

Cus isn’t 22 a little too old to have daddy issues?

Moni Grace - The Chase (Interview)


Moni Grace thanks for visiting us again.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Moni Grace! I’m a 24 year old pop/punk musician from Boston.

Tell us a little about your new work.

You know when people make you feel crazy? Like you’re hard to love, and that they’re the only ones who will put up with you and your “crazy”. Well, gaslighting and emotional manipulation are abuse tactics those people use to control you.

What they don’t know is that you’re powerful, and that they cannot suppress your power. By using your voice and allowing yourself to heal, post trauma, you’re reaching a whole new level of self acceptance and discovery / love that most people won’t ever achieve.

Those people who abuse you, will most likely continue to abuse others. Just pray that they’ll reach a level of acceptance so that they recognize that they need to change and seek mental health help, or they will never grow. They will never succeed.

And as you write your story, looking back at the chaotic chapter you once called reality— you must also unlearn the survival traits you acquired while surviving your trauma.

What isn’t meant to stay in your life, will leave you. And it will hurt. You may bleed.

You will write your story as if nothing phases you. As if you are unbothered, and unable to be touched by the toxicity you once called home. You will get so wrapped up in proving you’re healing that you’ll lose sight of what actual healing is— and true healing is messy. It’s ugly. There is no cosmetic appeal to healing, and recovery, but you must not give in to the pain or loneliness and keep fighting to better your life.

Lastly, those people will come back and try to haunt you in several ways— mainly to control the narrative. To make you seem like the bad one. When people can’t control you anymore, they attempt to control what others think about you. However, you know that you are worth more than that bullshit excuse of manipulation. You’re a survivor. Keep telling your story. Keep writing it. DONT let anyone suppress you— no matter the circumstance. You’re so powerful, and I cannot wait for you to take over the world, soon.

That’s what this song is about.

What are the main difficulties in being a new artist and how have you overcome it?

I always believe in faking it til you make it, so I think sometimes putting up the persona that I totally know what I’m doing and being strong all the time sometimes exhausts me. I think self care and love is so important and can help with that. It’s all a balance.

What are your influences for the development of your music? Do you have any kind of influence today?

Modern Baseball, Mom Jeans, Avril Lavigne, Kissisippi. Jack Kerouac has also done tremendous things for my art influence as well.

What are the fundamental skills for the artist in the current scene?

Knowing how to market yourself without selling out.

I think also having stage presence and making shows fun to go to.

What projects are you working on right now?

I’m working on en EP with Shannon McAurthur right now in Nashville! I think it’ll be out this summer.

Leave a message for your fans.

Thank you for listening to the single and I cannot wait to get back on stage and sing to you when things are safe again!!!

Moni Grace we wish you much success.

And we’ll see you in the next interview. Bye!

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