Conduit – Gemini Rising (Interview)

January 29, 2021

Gemini rising
I got good timing
Venus in libra
I really want to be with you
At least until the morning
The weather is storming
But not in this bed
Not in this bed
Jacksonville is so far
from New York City
You’re away
but in other ways
you’re still with me
I like to think about you
when you’re gone
so long
Those moments
I know we’ll have more again
All we have is time
on our hands
Gemini rising
I got good timing
Venus in libra
I really want to be with you
At least until the morning
The weather is storming
But not in this bed
Not in this bed

Conduit - Gemini Rising (Interview)


We now have the Great Conduit presence. Thanks for being here.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Baileigh and I am the composer, producer and performer of Conduit. My music style is ever evolving, but I’m strongly influenced by indie, R&B, pop and hip-hop. I’m a queer woman from the south—Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve written music all my life and am looking forward to putting out a lot of projects this year.

We would like to know your history as an artist.

I am a childhood self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. I wrote my first song at 5 years-old. I produced for the first time with an 8-track recorder at 12 years-old. Eventually, I studied guitar in college. I never could stick with school so I left after getting my AA. I always knew I wanted to take my music more seriously. So I started a band. But it wasn’t until a few years ago, that I left the band to pick up recording and producing again. That is what led to my solo act, Conduit, which is a blend of my singer-songwriter style with post-production.

Tell us the story of this EP.

Th Only Human EP is about, well, being human. It’s emotional. It’s heartfelt. It’s honest. Musically, it’s anchored in indie-soul, indie-pop and R&B. Lyrically, it’s about navigating the hard stuff, remaining vulnerable, finding insight and growing along that journey.

Tell us a funny story from your career.

Last year, right before quarantine, my roommate of the time and I started a house venue and called it Coloring Book. So it’s opening night, we pull a decent sized crowd, and the first band starts. Now, we have dogs mind you, and our dogs started to want to get from one side of the house to the next. But they were afraid to walk by the band. So people start to notice the dogs were scared, so they came together and made a path for the dogs to cross and and encouraged them along the way. It was as funny as it was cute and endearing.

Also tell a story of overcoming.

Wow. It’s a funny thing, because when you grow it feels like you’re always overcoming? I’d say my biggest overcome is navigating imposter syndrome as an artist. Though I think, in general, a lot of people struggle to find ‘confidence’. The older I get the more I realize, confidence is just courage. The courage to have faith in yourself and your path. It’s the ultimate reard.

Leave a message for your fans.

Thank you all for connecting with me! It means a lot to know whether musically or lyrically people can vibe to what I am putting out there. Knowing others can relate to me is the ultimate compliment. So, thank you all for listening, for engaging, for connecting with me, my story, my art.

Conduit we wish you much success.

And see you in the next interview. Bye!

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