Jeremy Tuplin – Gaia

Jeremy Tuplin - Gaia

How does it feel to have a heart of burning fire
Does it help at all when we suck the life out from ya
You’ve always been so temperate
But one day you’re gonna lose your shit
And tear up our residence permit
I feel it looming, you’re quietly fuming so now the atmosphere is stuffy and toxic

And though all your so-called friends will try to deny it
You let them in to your home and now all the bill’s are immeasurably higher
Hidden savings dug up and spent
So now no-one can afford the rent
So we can wave goodbye to this nice apartment
See it floating, floating, ah floating down the noxious ocean

"Oh I am a goddess and you are a fool
Dare to mistreat me mere mortal you do not know what you do"
She goes "oh I am a goddess and you are a fool
You act you own me but I’ll still be here long after time’s through with you"

D’you ever wish that cosmic rock had just slipped by ya
Guess it’s a risk of being the world’s most frequent flyer
But imagine the alternative
The giant lizards you’d still live with
And this plague may never have transpired
Boring, you’re never boring
Oh Gaia you are alright
Soon i will be leaving you too
And Gaia you will be ok

Oh float on towards wherever it is you’re going

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