Grayscale – Just Right

Grayscale - Just Right

I drove passed your mother’s house
Just to see how it felt
How’s it all been since we were kids?
Just hope you’re doing well

Thought about how your hair stayed wet
When you showered after sex
Soaked the sheets, pillow sets
Through my tees to my chest
And seeped back in my head
Do you remember it?

When we fucked in my car
I swore to god I would die for you, and I meant it
You were the light in my dark
My borealis, my distant beach, lit up in silver sun

I’d give it all just to feel that alive again
Righted my wrongs
Made my bads feel fine
I’m homesick for you and I don’t know why
I’d die in your arms and it’d be just right

And I’ll wonder if our courses cross again
Or will they stay parallel?
You can blame me for all of it
Beautifully broke her heart
I was so young back then
And Mr. Williams I am so sorry for my words to your daughter before we had to part, left four stains of blood from our knees on your floor

Let’s take it back to the start
Told you one day that I’d marry you, yeah I said it
Think I still got that same charm
Know I could still make your mama laugh at things that she shouldn’t have

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