Chase Atlantic – LOVE IS (NOT) EASY

Chase Atlantic - LOVE IS (NOT) EASY

Go ahead, just tell me I'm to blame
I know you need attention
Someone you can hold when I’m away
And I'm scared, I'm horrified of change
I know you want a child, we could talk it out
Mama used to say

"Boy, love isn’t easy, it's hard"
She said, "Boy, love isn't easy, it's heartache
"Boy, see everyone leaves and your heart breaks"
(Lovin' you is heartache)
But I still hold on
Oh, I still hold on

I think I got the message for awhile
I'll disconnect and keep the heart safe
I replicate emotion
Medicate in doses that can help me feel the same way
It's easier to say we're just friends
Our generation made us that way
The type of friends who fuck
But when they fall in love, they’re too afraid to say
But I still, still hold on
Still, I’ll be holding on

"Boy, love isn't easy, it’s heartache
See everyone leaves and your heart breaks"

I'm so done with love
'Cause like tears in the rain it means nothing
Don't fall in love (In love)
’Cause love means nothing

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