Yuna, G-Eazy – Blank Marquee

Yuna, G-Eazy - Blank Marquee

[ Yuna]
You should check yourself
Ooo ooo!
You might lose what you have
Life ain't about the ladder, baby

[ Yuna]
I thought we were friends
But now, I see the end
You got caught just trying to be
Someone you're not
Pretending that you care
But you care for my collections

[ Yuna]
Making you acquaintances
Friends in higher places
You should ask yourself, yeah
Who you without me?
Just a blank marquee
Tryna cop my 'ceeds
Put your own P.O.V

[ G-Eazy]
Hold on, hold on
Lemme tell my side
Who am I without you?

[ Yuna]
Your toxicity
Will get the best of me
Look into the mirror
Try and see it clearer
You should be reflecting all of your decisions

You're the type of person to use up my affection

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