Mike Posner – Gratitude

January 8, 2019
Mike Posner - Gratitude

My band teachers' name was Mr. Z
And he told me quote, 'You ain't shit', end quote
But it wasn't 'till I heard that that I quit
And bought that motif, made them dope beats
Turned that old car to this window seat
But it all makes sense
Now God gives me hits every time I burn incense
Don't that make you so insense?
Mr Z
Woo I blew up and ain't visit your class since
But wait, I didn't write this to say I told you so
Because without you I never would've sold out shows
I thought that was worth a page or two
Dear Mr. Z, this is dedicated to you
Gratitude, thank you

Dad called when Uncle Fred died
I didn't want my mom to see me cry so I got 'em all out on the flight back
People lookin' at me funny, it's like that
See, Uncle Fred, he was a good guy
He was proud when I started to win
My Aunt told me that he loved me and I swear to god, she gave me one of his pens
I mean the same pen that I wrote this song with
The same pen that I'm 'bout to put the team on with
'Cause he keeps giving me dope shit
And people keep on telling me 'Mike, you're so sick'
I hope that's enough to change your mood
Transform a Michigan sky from grey to blue
I thought that was worth a page or two
Dear Uncle Fred, this is dedicated to you
Gratitude, thank you

His friends could never pay you back, shit
Most of my friends never had no dads
And before we knew I had a sick style
You used to drive me to the studio to rap on 6 mile
You showed me that a real man ain't afraid because he hugs, kisses, and cries
April to April, stays faithful, loves, listens and tries
So when I do find Mrs. Right, you best believe that my game gon' be zipper tight
Like you're still making mom breakfast every morning
You start her car up in the winter when it's snowing
Remember when you broke it down in New Orleans
I didn't tell you I had my phone recording
I said 'why'd you marry mom and you said;

"It was a really hard decision and then it was,"
"So why did you make that decision?"
"Well, cause I, obviously intuitively Michael, I knew I loved mom"
"Your instincts, show her your heart and knew this is the right thing to do"
"My heart must have known. This was playing games"
"Would you say your hearts more important in life?"
"Well when you're 25, you'll have to make that decision someday, I don't know"
Now that is some G shit
When my son's 25, I'll show him this poem, he's gon' need this
I thought that was worth a page or two
Dear Dad, this is dedicated to you
Gratitude, thank you

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