Stand Atlantic – Skinny Dipping

Stand Atlantic - Skinny Dipping

Thought I could take this to my grave, but instead I let it bury me
Yeah it was my mistake, I needed honest conversation
The kind I only make in my sleep
Fill my pocket mark with poison personality
Another stupid scar won’t get me what I need
I know nothing about me

It’s like skinny dipping in my jeans
You get wet but you don’t get clean
Quit pulling my ankles, I’m already too deep
It’s like skinny dipping in my jeans

I’m standing by myself, next to everybody else
What I make them buy they sell for free
Covering my tongue in poison similarity
Take my own advice and some responsibility
I know nothing about me

A string of indecision, the gift that just keeps giving
Just sick of swimming like I’m sinking slowly
Leaks in the stitches I’ve sewn, but I’m letting nobody know
Just keep dragging my bones

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