Tune-Yards – ABC 123

Tune-Yards - ABC 123

Sun sun sun burn down on me
Atop this hill so I can see
My skin boils red and scabs and stings
But I must be witness to everything
Fan the fire or face the crowd
California’s burning down
Sitting in the middle of the sixth extinction
Silently suggesting the investment in a generator

I called you up because I thought you’d see it my way
I looked for freedom and I found it on the highway
No other options so I’m peeling out the driveway
Sing those brand new ABCs


I want so badly to be liked
I ask myself, “Why was I nice?”
I ask myself, “What should I do?”
But all I know is white centrality
My country served me horror coke
My natural freedom up in smoke
My pre-polluted fetus lead us
Into the obscene, I mean

I’m on a desert island and I ate up all the coral
I was so hungry but I know that isn’t normal, oh no
But my behavior isn’t anything but moral
So unhappy! (ABC!)
I called you up because we had a great connection
You couldn’t hear me ‘cause of NSA protection
But we’ll unite before the very next election
No abstentions! VOTE
The ABCs

I called you up because I’d like to see it your way
The bridge between us is behind a different doorway
Thought I was looking but I don’t know what to see
Living in the new reality

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