Famy – Ava

Famy - Ava

Two oceans in between us
And I wait for shore
There’s a gate I see
There’s a way for me
Now this one sits here
And whispers things to me
Now I got the Devil inside
This one made a pig of me
This wall is primal, my grinding jaw
The headache of the necktie on my bedroom door
My conscience burning
My eyes are too
Cuddled up with hard contempt
Does she love you? And, I swear I do

This world is rabid, this world is through
Follow me through an empty chamber
I’m sleeping next to someone new
My conscience burning, my beastly roar
The headache of the necktie on my bedroom door
I’m such a coward, these wretched things I do
Disgrace and treachery and the sickness that I know is true
This world is learning, this world is pure
She can be my Valentine underneath my sheets on the bedroom floor

Gonna push her down
Gonna spread her out
Gonna taste her tongue
Gonna suck my blood
Gonna borrow mine
Gonna shape my love
Gonna make her try

I don’t have anything

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