Wale – The Body ft. Jeremih

January 10, 2015
Wale - The Body ft. Jeremih

[Hook: Jeremih] (x2)
Baby you got a body like a Benz
And I’m just trying to drive it once again

[Verse 1: Wale]
Shawty can I fill your tank, yeah
I start off with that "What you drinkin’? "
Pardon if I’m road raging
But I know you heard my drive is crazy
Yeah, let me pace that, with some patience
Let me do it till I fill every void
You’re like a Maybach, thinking damn
They ain’t even make ’em like you no more
It’s like a high beam gleaming through your eye (bling)
I adore you up, baby suicide
A little wordplay, I’m hoping I can make you smile
Least until I’m out of line like a Dui
Girl you remind me of my Jeep
Can I see what’s up with that G-Wagon
Can I take you off of these streets
To the side of me, I’m trying to see your hazards
Trying to be with the baddest, won’t be the fastest
Gotta make it last, I hope you comfortable
I need to get to you, you’re like a 62
A little work, then it’s curtains when I’m skrrting through
Came through in the group, trying to leave in the coupe
That mean I gots a few, but I believe in you
Trying to chase the cat, know I’m killing it dog
You ain’t feeling me naw, that mean I don’t need the roof

[Hook 2: Jeremih & Wale]
You remind me of my Jeep, I wanna ride it
You something like my car
I got the keys to them, I need the keys to you

[Pre-Hook: Jeremih]
You put on a show, you don’t need no clothes
Give me little bit more, always take it slow
I know you don’t wanna stop, I’m trying to make it go
Now speed it up like a Maserati, and look at me and pose

[Hook 1: Jeremih] (x2)

[Verse 3: Wale]
A good woman is scarce to us
And I wasn’t prepared to love
I know it sound crazy, but your miles scare me
I’m just here cause your character good (truth be told)
A good nigga is rare to her (truth be told)
You heard it all but hear this love
One night with dude, I be the reason you cool
So let me know am I clear enough, yeah wassup
Way I, way I, that’s the way I think
Shawty straight like, a concert on [?] street
In the morning I slide over, she needs a ride I’m like
"Tight, let’s keep it Amg"
Sliding down, precipitating is straight
Top down, let me kiss your physique
I’m digging your flee, I’m checkin’ your gear
Can tell you had a good year, spent a grip on your feet
She like when I drive it, I like it in park
Pull that thing over you likely to sore
I got her floating like riding on stars
So I keep it Gps, see where this going
Nothing will stop it, I slide in no prob
Ch-ch-chop it, my swipe your parts
Sex is her weapon, my snake in her garden
So know when I’m not here the viper is on

[Pre-Hook] [Hook] (x2)

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