Vitaa – Game Over ft. Maître Gims

January 22, 2015
Vitaa - Game Over ft. Maître Gims

You know guys like me
Very often it disappoint
Very often it disappear
It’s dirty stories
J’te mentirais times
To back at night
Qu’tu must know my great
I’m nothing not a guy for you

I’ll end up m’sauver (save, save)
I’m nothing not a lover (lover, lover)
J’me behaves like a loser (loser, loser)
So I’m gonna end up m’sauver (save, save)

You know girls like me
Make you cry like you guys
At first you think stand, it’s perfect
J’te suggests qu’j’suis naive
You look qu’j’t’obéisse hope
You’ll end up waiting my calls
You think that a girl like me is in his first attempt, I infiltrates your phone as 4 years back?
There is still time for you to issue regrets
We not touch’ra your union if you make me my business

You’ll end up falling (down, down)
You m’supplieras to listen to you (drunk, drunk)
You’ll end up sinking (sink, sink)
It was you that wanted to play (play, play)

I am the claws of the night, I’m going when you roupilles,
I enfille my best clothes, I have a problem like micky
J’t’ai changed is more than a little bit of Cinderella inch.
Bibidi, Babidi, boo
You’re damned if j’te leaves in this situation.
More gift, you’re the shadow of my shadow, pussycat dolls.
Cindy is not sorry to forget you I had to imagine yourself in the process of shit!
R’garde yourself in the mirror I was p’t’être the only guy who had not seen the paradise being white

(Ooh shiet)
Bye you’re more than mif ‘, we will ignore you as a friend of a friend
J’devais t’présenter karl Lagerfeld (oooooh), but you got merdée file c’mon

You think about that when I get on the beat?
You who said: ‘vitaa, gims on a title but that’s what capacity?
Now tell me who’ll put pressure on the beat?
And if you dance is that vitaa, gims in Scred we make a hit!

You’ll regret all those times to hang on like that (oon)
How sorry if I decide that all stops there? (oon)
You will see again over guy like me
Thou hast taken me a groupie wa
J’t’avais warned not I n’reste
I pray I n’te not hold

You m’diras lives’, you must sit qu’j’te speak, I spent my day in the black
You m’supplieras to listen to you, you can not forget me
Lives assis you i have to talk
J’commence getting tired
You m’supplieras to stop, it’s burn is you only wanted to play

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