Rapsody – Godzilla

January 10, 2015
Rapsody - Godzilla

Part 1
Godzilla crushin’ y’all villas
Godzilla only God’s iller
(Amen, Amen)
Godzilla crushin’ y’all villas
Jamla the squad killa
(Amen, Amen, yes, Lord)

[Verse 1]
Michael Jackson, I’m the new thriller
Super cold, get a chinchilla
You don’t want it with a coppers hitter
You couldn’t get an ab even with a sit-up
These days, only God is iller
You couldn’t shine with glitter
Even if Shyne was with ya
Thought you was a Bad Boy until you met Godzilla
I’m God gifted, I’m darin’ G’s to pitch it
Only the gods get it, nigga, that’s how high I hit it


[Verse 2]
Godzilla, Godzilla, so above the rest and only God fly with ya
Lead em to water but can’t teach em to fly fish it
I’m a fly sister, I’m so fly, mister
That’s higher intelligence, y’all so irrelevant
I ain’t preachin’ to em reverend
I’m just bustin’ like old Lakers, Jerry West and them
I see the stress in em
Godzilla, only God’s realer, I’m a blessin’, eh?
A massive appeal, uh? None of that, nah
You more like "eh, that ain’t it hot", I’m more like Jay and Nas
You more a shower cash of class or beneath me dawg
It’s non-existent for you to go this distance so hard
Hahahahaha, check out this bizzare
I’m the new thriller and this here is off the wall
Moonwalk, baby, party like it’s Mardi Gras
Ladi dadi put me in the Maserati, I’m so raw
I got drive, baby, that’s what you call heart
Buckin’ on the beat, I’m Jabari, I’m the star
Polo, you couldn’t see me in this flow, tho
A sin that be this nice and took a bite out of Apple’s logo
Bars – I got bars on bars
If a criminal flashback he’d play me in his car, lord
Uh, only God is nicer than me
Watch me take the harder way and make a million off a penny


[Verse 3]
I’m burnin’ yo city, they fear me
Black and I’m witty, while y’all still argue about Nicki
Iggy, I’m killing these biggies, Biggie
I’m talkin’ ’bout Mice and Men, I’m talkin’ ’bout God again
I could flip it like Rodman, you a rebound, a vitamin
Boy I’m lethal as lidocaine, up the wall I been spatterin’
That’s the skill you admirin’, hard to wait on me, higher than God
Not quite but damnit I’m on his ride and
Nobody else here in sight unless we talkin’ about planes and kites
Jay Hova and Christ, only ones iller than me, alright
I’m nice, and mean at the same time
God would have to rain dimes to change minds, I ain’t lyin’
Godzilla been the illest, I ain’t lyin’
Dilla and God cryin’, laughin’ at you talkin’ bout you tryin’
Haha, hahaha – check out this bizarre
I’m the new thriller and this here so off the wall, God-


Part 2
[Verse 4]
I woke up feeling like a million dollars
Woke up yesterday, damn, had a million problems
She say life still going on and on, baby, keep smiling
Address nothing today like you ain’t got a thousand Island
Call my friends now we wildin’, having fun, nonviolent
Find a little balance, got me feeling like I’m Alice
In wonderland, yeah, beautiful view
Riding through the street listening to my favorite
Didn’t ya know I was gon’ bring it? I never disappointed before
Like D Rose with new knees I’m back on point, no joke
You missed me the most, some others felt the need to divorce
Hip hop it go pop, but I love this blackness
And for record me and Jean already got a record
Random, yeah, yeah, better rapping I do
Riding through the street listening to old Badu
Yeah, out my mind just in time
Geniuses are borderline crazy says my mind
Hell, I gave ’em plenty signs, yeah, all throughout my rhymes
Now they calling me Future, I’m so ahead of my time
When I came out the womb my mind was mentally 9
Out of order till I’m back at one, I’m tryna reach Brian
Your favorite, kiss me on my neck and my spine
Late nights listening my favorite

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