Legião Urbana – Lost Time (Tempo Perdido)

December 17, 2014
Legião Urbana - Lost Time (Tempo Perdido)

Every day when I wake up
I have no more
Her time
But I have long
We are the world’s time

Every day
Before bed
Remember and forget
As the day
Straight ahead
No time to lose

Our sacred sweat
It is much more beautiful
That this bitter blood
And so serious
And wild, wild

See the sun
This morning so gray
The storm that arrives
It is your eye color

So hold me tight
He says again
We are already
Away from it all
We have our own time
We have our own time
We have our own time

I’m not afraid of the dark
But let the lights
lit now
What was hidden
It’s what hid
And what was promised
nobody promised
It was not wasted time
We are so young
so Young
So Young!

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