Jorge Aragão – Me and You Always (Eu e Você Sempre)

December 5, 2014
Jorge Aragão - Me and You Always (Eu e Você Sempre)

Soon, soon, soon as I can, I’ll call
For now, it hurts
And when the longing want to let me sing
Will know that I have been suffering
And now away from me, you can finally
have happiness
Or do a bad time, do not feel well
Only half
Yesterday it took me to sleep, I was so, I do not know
Passionate means inside
If I have the gift of escape to anywhere
Would like a gust of wind
Without thinking about what happened, nothing, nothing is mine
Neither thought
Speaking of nothing that is my
I found the ring you forgot

There was the shack collapsed
At that my boat was lost
It is recorded just you and me

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