Tonico & Tinoco – Chico mineiro (1958)

October 24, 2014
Tonico & Tinoco - Chico mineiro (1958)

Each time I "alembro"
The friend Chico Mineiro
Nois that made the Fishing Trip
He was my companion
I feel a sadness
One will cry
Alembrando those times
That there is no more returning
Although I am boss
I had the heart
The friend Chico Mineiro
Good decided Caboclo
Viola was sore and was the pawn of cowboy
Today however with sadness
Recalling the achievement
Our motin Camping Trip
Viajemo over ten years
Buying and selling cattle
For this corner worm
Caboclo feared nothing
But however, arrived a day
Chico withdrew from me

We made the last trip
There was pro hinterland of Goias
I went and Chico Mineiro
Was also the foreman

We traveled many days
To get in Ouro Fino
Where we passemo night
In celebration of the Divine

The party tava as good
But he had not gone before
Chico was shot
By an unknown man

I quit buying cattle
Killed my cumpanheiro
Gone are the sound of the viola
Ran out of Chico Mineiro

Despois that tragedy
I was more upset
Did not know of our friendship
Because we both were united

When I saw your document
I cut my heart
I came to know that Chico Mineiro
My brother was legitimate

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