Teodoro e Sampaio – Silk Dress

October 4, 2014
Teodoro e Sampaio - Silk Dress

Baby I want you back at least to get
Some objects that you did not take the farewell
Used a lipstick fallen in the corner of the dresser
An old dress full of dust
Played in the room with marks of love

Silk dress your mannequin left you too
Woe in the corner has no more value
If you do not have one that you both used
I also am only a human rag without my dear
Used and thrown in a corner of life
I do not know what I do without my great love
I do not even light a light in my room when I lie
Because in the dark I see in the mirror my eyes crying
I’m not going in the kitchen to not see two empty glasses on the table
Reminiscent with such sadness
The last night that we love each other

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