Só Pra Contrariar – If that Flame Love

October 3, 2014
Só Pra Contrariar - If that Flame Love

How does something like that hurts so much
And take care of my whole being?
It is an immense longing that broke my heart
It is the deepest pain that a person can have

It is a virus that takes a thousand fantasies
A simple touch of look
I feel so needy, consequence of this pain
That day has not and neither has time to finish

Then I drown in a glass of beer
And that is my solution it
So I come home drunk every day
I will face the room and sleep with loneliness

My God, no!
I can not face this pain
That is called love
Took account of my being
Day by day, little by little
I’m getting crazy
Just because of you

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