Luan Santana – waiting You

October 7, 2014
Luan Santana - waiting You

Even if you do not fall in my singing
Even if you know another guy
In line at a bank
Such a Fernando
A bid, so

Even if you run out if you like
Even if you marry without love
And after six months
A look to the other
So, it is

Even if you support this marriage
Because of the children, long
Ten, twenty, thirty years
To be frightened by their white hair

Will one day sit in a rocking chair
Will remember the time when he was twenty
Will you remember me and ask
Where this guy must be?

And I’ll be
waiting for you
Not that is already old lady gaga
Ninety, widow, alone
Will not mind
I’m calling, calling you out
Flirt on the couch
Even if it is beyond this life
I’ll be
waiting for you

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