Legião Urbana – Faroeste Caboclo

October 24, 2014
Legião Urbana - Faroeste Caboclo

Had no such fear John de Santo Cristo
That’s what everyone said when he lost
Left behind all the doldrums of the farm
Just to feel the hate in your blood that Jesus gave

As a child thought only be thug
Especially when shooting with a soldier’s father died
Was the terror of closeness where he lived
And in school until he learned with the teacher

Going to church just to steal money
What the old ladies put on the altar box
Even felt that it was different
Felt that that there was not your place

He wanted to go see the sea
And the things he saw on television
Gathered money to travel
Own choice, chose solitude

Ate all the little girls in town
For both playing doctor, was a professor at twelve
At fifteen, were sent to reform school
Where increased his hatred before such terror

Did not understand how life worked
Discrimination because of their class and their color
Got tired of trying to find answer
And bought a ticket, went straight to Salvador

And getting there was a coffee
And met a cowboy who was talking
And the cowboy had a ticket and was going to miss the trip
But John was saving him

He said: "I’m going to Brasilia
In this country there is no better place
‘m Needing to visit my daughter
I’m here and you will take my place "

And John accepted his proposal
And a bus entered the Central Plateau
He was flabbergasted with the city
Leaving the road, he saw the Christmas lights

"My God, what beautiful city,
In the New Year I get to work "
Chopping wood, carpenter’s apprentice
Hundred thousand won per month in Wansbeck

On Friday went to the city area
Spend all your money boy worker
And met lots of interesting people
Even a bastard grandson of his great-grandfather

A Peruvian who lived in Bolivia
And many things brought from there
His name was Pablo and he said
That he was going to start a business

And Holy Christ worked to death
But the money did not give him feed
And heard the news at seven
Who always said that his minister would help

But he did not want to talk
And decided that, like Pablo, he would turn
Elaborated once more his holy plan
And without being crucified, the plantation was started

Pretty soon the crazy city heard the news
"There’s good stuff in there!"
And John de Santo Cristo became rich
And ended up with all the dealers there

Made friends, attended the North Wing
And going to party rock, to be free
But suddenly
Under a bad influence boyzinho city
Began to steal

In the first robbery he danced
And hell it was first
Violence and rape of her body
"You’ll see, I’ll get you"

Now the Holy Christ was bandit
Fearless and feared in Federal District
Had no fear of police
Captain or dealer, playboy or general

It was when he met a girl
And for all his sins he repented
Maria Lucia was a beautiful girl
And his heart to her the Holy Christ promised

He said he wanted to marry
And he returned to be a carpenter
"Maria Lucia I will always love you
And a child with you I want to have "

Time passes and one day comes in the door
A gentleman of high class with money in hand
And he makes an indecent proposal
And says he expects a response, a response from John

"Not boto pump newsstand
Neither child in college so I do not do not
And do not protect general ten stars
What is behind the table with his ass in hand

And it is better you leave my house
Never mess with a Scorpio ascendant Fish "
But before leaving, with hatred in his eyes, the old man said
"You lost your life, brother"

"You lost your life my brother
You lost your life my brother
These words will enter the heart
I will suffer the consequences as a dog "

It is the Holy Christ was right
His future was uncertain and it was not working
And got drunk in the middle of drinking
Discovered that he had another working instead

Spoke with Pablo who wanted a partner
He also had money and wanted to arm
Pablo brought the contraband from Bolivia
And Holy Christ resold in Planaltina

But it happens that one Jeramy
Reputed dealer, showed up
Learned of plans Santo Cristo
He decided that he’d end up with John

But Pablo brought a Winchester 22
And Holy Christ knew already shoot
He decided to use his gun only after
Jeremiah began to quarrel

Jeremiah pothead shameless
Rockonha organized and made everyone dance
Desvirginava innocent girls
If he said that was a believer but not know how to pray

And Holy Christ there is not much going home
And the longing began to tighten
"I’m leaving, I’ll see Maria Lucia
‘s Already time for us to get married "

Coming home then he cried
And hell it was the second time
With Mary Lucia Jeremiah married
And he made her a son

Holy Christ was only hatred inside
And then Jeremiah to a duel he called
"Tomorrow at two o’clock in Ceilândia
In front of Lot 14, that’s where I’m going

And you can choose your weapons
I end it with you, you traitor pig
And also kill Maria Lucia
That fake girl to whom I swore my love "

And the Holy Christ did not know what to do
When he saw the television reporter
Which gave news of the duel on TV
Telling the time and the place and the reason

Then on Saturday at two o’clock
All the people without delay was just there to watch
A man who threw the back
And hit the Holy Christ began to smile

Sensing blood in the throat
John looked purchases flags and pro people applauding
And looked pro and ice cream purchases and cameras
We filmed all the TV that there

And he remembered when he was a child
And all that lived up there
And decided that instead of dancing
"If the way of the cross turned circus, I’m here"

And that the sun blinded his eyes
And then he recognized Maria Lucia
She carried the Winchester-22
The weapon that gave him his cousin Pablo

"Jeremiah, I am a man. Thing you are not
And do not shoot the back
Look over here bitch shameless
Take a look at my blood and come feel your forgiveness "

And Holy Christ with the Winchester-22
Gave five shots in the bandit traitor
Maria Lucia repented after
And died along with John, her protector

And the people declared that John de Santo Cristo
Was holy because he knew die
And the high bourgeoisie of the city
Do not believe the story they saw on TV

And John did not get what I wanted
When he came to Brasilia, with the devil have
He wanted to speak was President pro
To help all those people who just makes


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