Edu Ribeiro – dating me

October 6, 2014
Edu Ribeiro - dating me

I remember I saw you walk in, there was already a gleam in his eye
And with a smile your, your gaze comes against my
And my day was made happier, even without you near me
Even away from me …

I get all the time to imagine what to do when you find
But if I do, what do you say? is it able to understand?
Even if not I’ll try, I’ll make you notice me
So I came here to tell you …

dating me
Because when I go I know you cry
And home is just counting the hours
Calls only the time it takes
Open arms and has been dating me
I want to give vent to the feeling
Show that is beautiful what I feel inside
Beauty that I corner you now
Open arms, and has been dating me

Because I can not live without you …

I think being be living an illusion without knowing if she want me or not
I wish the answer was yes, but I think I do not care for me
If so my heart goes out alone, without you in vain
Saddest hits, so …

Plus he can still rejoice if, suddenly, you notice
What happened to you too, love that feels as big as mine
Open your eyes, look who adores you and you dream about the world outside the
And back just to tell you …

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