Chitãozinho e Xororó – Evidences

October 4, 2014
Chitãozinho e Xororó - Evidences

When I say I stopped loving you
It’s because I love you
When I say I do not want you anymore
It’s because I want you
I’m afraid to give you my heart
And confess that I am in your hands
But I can not imagine
What will become of me
If i miss a day

I pull away and defend myself from you
But then give me
I type, say things I’m not
But then I deny
But the truth
Because I’m crazy for you
And I’m afraid to think of losing you
I need to accept that there’s more
To separate our lives

And this madness to say that you do not want
‘ll Denying appearances
Disguising the evidence
But to pretend that living
If I can not fool my heart?
I know I love you!

No more lies
To deny my desire
I want you more than anything
I need your kiss
I surrender my life
You to do what you want me
Just want to hear you say that!

Says is true, that you miss
Still you think me very
Says is true, that you miss
Do you still want to live for me

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