Eduardo Costa – The 10 Commandments of Love

September 26, 2014
Eduardo Costa - The 10 Commandments of Love

The ten commandments of love
To win a woman
have to take care, have to have knack
Have to give what she wants

First, it starts with flirting
Your look deep inside of her gaze
And nicely take her to dance
Dance to her soft snuggle
Second, a chat to overthrow plane
Gently already reaching your hand

Third, to feel a smell your perfume
Looking the other her jealous
The room is darkened in play
Being the big bad wolf and she chapeuzinho
The fifth, have to be very naughty
Watch now

The sixth commandment
She will not forget you for one moment
Repeat dose feel she liked
In hour h, call it my love

Seventh touch is talk of her passion
Speak only of matters of the heart
Eighth commandment says to swear
Will be faithful until death take you
In the ninth you say you will come back
Says that tomorrow will call
And the tenth
Let her wait

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