Cassia Eller & Nando Reis – Reliquary

September 29, 2014
Cassia Eller & Nando Reis - Reliquary

It is a necklace with India
A beautiful afternoon does not want to put
Dance the islands of the sea
His primer is that the color?

What is happening?
The world is upside down and nobody noticed
What is happening?
I was alone when you came

And are two lashes in midair
Behind the son is the father and the grandfather
As a trigger without firing
You invade another place
Where I will not

What are you doing?
Millions of vessels without any flowers
What are you doing?
A huge shrine of this love

Runs because the moon is going away?
Rises the day as vertical
The horizon announces with its stained glass
I would trade all eternity for tonight

Why is dawning?
Ask the contrary, to see the sun set
Why is dawning?
If not I’ll kiss your lips when you’re gone

Who in the world does what there last
Pure hard seed: the future love
I am the rain for you dry
By buzzing his wings you told me

What are you saying?
Millions of sentences without any color, oooo
What are you saying?
A huge shrine of this love

What are you saying?
What are you doing?
Why you are doing well?

Since you arrived
My heart opened
Today I feel more heat
And do not feel colder

And what eyes do not come
The heart senses
Even the longing
You are not missing

And every kiss her
And every star in the sky
And each flower in the field
And in each letter on paper

What color will your eyes
And the light of your hair
Just know that I’ll call him
Of Esmael, Esmael

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