Post Malone

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September 27, 2019 Off

French Montana – Writing on the Wall ft. Post Malone, Cardi B, Rvssian

By For Everyone Now

[ French Montana, Post Malone & Cardi B] Montana Posty (Hahaha) Okurr (La-la-la-la, uuh) Ayy, uh huh [ French Montana] From the block, now we're snipin' on the opps' like...

Post Malone – On The Road

September 11, 2019 Off

Don Diablo

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December 19, 2019 Off

Don Diablo – Congratulations ft. Brando

By For Everyone Now

Dreaming Dreaming about the days that we could (yeah) Take me Take me back to music in my room (yeah) {Pre-Chorus} All my life I've been searching Looking for something perfect That only led...

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January 18, 2020 Off

Halsey – 929

By For Everyone Now

I really was born at 9:29 AM on 9/29 You think I'm lying but I'm, I'm being dead serious Okay, I'll prove it…