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Transviolet – The Hamptons

Transviolet - The Hamptons

He said he’s from the Hamptons
I said I’ve never heard of it
He said he’s got a girlfriend
But she’s gone for the weekend to Manhattan
She’s got no tourniquet
She bleeds her parent’s money
Splitting eight balls with Elliot

Won’t find his name on the guest list
He’s a plus one, he’s a novelty
He’s just something for all the rich girls to play with
Yeah, I’m not one to get violent
I’m a pacifist, still lowkey
But I’m imagining my brains on his carpet

In the Hamptons, in the Hamptons

Met her in Los Angeles, sitting on the pavement
She said her card was declined
And her ex girlfriend was stranded at the airport
And she just needed
Fifteen dollars for gas money
‘Cause this kid was lost without her

It’s not her fault and you know
Her dad’s a creep, he’s a nightmare
He started hooking up with her friend from high school
Don’t think she’s all there, she’s damaged
She’s a handful, a catastrophe
She said she’d die before she’d go back to that hell hole

In the Hamptons
In the Hamptons

(He says)
When’s nothing’s good enough
You hurt the ones you love
You hurt the ones you love, love, love, love
(She says)
It’s never good enough
And there’s no place for love
No there’s no place for love, love, love

In the Hamptons
In the Hamptons
In the Hamptons

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