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With Confidence – Here For Nothing

With Confidence - Here For Nothing

Came here for nothing
Came here for nothing
Now you’re gone
Oh I’m better off alone
I was picking up the pieces
Trying to iron out the creases
When you got up and left me here
You tried so hard to disappear

I could have told you
I don’t have the strength to hold two
But I’ll take your weight
I’ll take your company and your hate
Do you remember
I tried to put myself together
But you couldn’t take the notion
You came in like an ocean

And you left me crawling
On my bedroom floor
I tried so hard
But you still wanted more
I couldn’t let you drown
So I let you drift away
You’re tearing me apart
Because you didn’t have the guts to stay

I was fighting for my sanity
While you fought for what was left of me
I couldn’t find the best part of my mind
’cause you crumpled up my brain
Driving me insane
Nothing feels the same
I’m falling down like rain

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