New Politics – Color Green

New Politics - Color Green

A three-letter word
You didn’t need a reason
You played your cards
He took what he needed

And now you’re running wild with the horses
On open fields, you’re feeling free
Rose petals on an empty bed
You’re holding on to a teenage dream
Dancing in a wedding dress but it is only in your mind

Color green, the grass is red from all the cherry trees
Velveteen, so sweet and soft she’s falling with the leaves

The painful truth you’ll have to let him go
Tears don’t last long no I’m here to let you know

I still love you with all of my feelings
So much I can’t count the ways now
I’d die for you a million times
And I hope that echoes through the end of time

The idea scares me knowing one day you’ll grow up
Will I embrace the change like seasons come and go?
I want to be there when you take your first steps and watch you climb to the top
of a mountain
Treasure life in a million ways let your dreams and your heart light the way

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