Kabiria - Electronic Geisha

Kabiria - Electronic Geisha

He's always pushing and
pressing my buttons
like the robot he ordered
he swore just for fun
easy come
as he comes

Electronic Geishas
they make perfect lovers
control them
you know where they are
after you go

I've got two reasons that you need to notice
I don't plug into a circuit board
focus and screw
not with you
heavenly wired
a landscape dissolving
the way that you search for her
try to convert me to DOS
I'm alive after all

She's such a lover
Electronic Geisha
She's beautiful as summer
in springtime she waits for you
up in the attic
out in the garage
in the corner of the barn

Blood and bone prototype
warranty dated
I check for an update
but nothing will save me
from all these feelings
internal dealings
walking the street like a dog

It's so easy to walk in directions of comfort
companions: keen, quiet
it's so easy to walk in the waters
slow, soft, small

Electronic Geishas
they make perfect lovers

Electronic Geishas
they make perfect lovers
running on AA
they always agree

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