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The country is desolate
The city ablaze
Watch it burn
Watch it burn to the ground

Delicate hands barely gripping
Tiny fingers wrap the trigger
Condition our young to defend us from dangerous men

This is an age old altercation
Join your hands and let us pray
Fighting with fire to simmer the flames
Where are the wise? Testify!
Killing for peace, unite to divide
Save us, forgive us
Put aside your pride so we can survive

Rise above the shadows putting forth your hands
God will shield his eyes in spite of all your prayers
And he will not hear
Your hands, stained of blood
What have we become from a smoking gun?
What have we become? What have we become?

Watch it burn
Watch it burn to the ground
We’re fighting alongside self-destruction

There is no sense in your head
Are we lost? Are we condemned?

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