Shaman’s Harvest – The Come Up

Shaman's Harvest - The Come Up

I tried praying the sun down
I screamed at the mountain thought it might fall down at my feet
But I felt the rage it was changin’ direction oh no
Pushin’ and pullin’ at me
It made me believe in an unseen enemy
Creatures that seethe in the dark
Gnashin’ their teeth how can you breathe
When fear eclipses the fire

Can’t you see I’m fallen’
I could use a hand gettin’ off of the floor
Don’t ya hear me callin’
I can’t fight alone anymore
Ya can’t pray the sun down as long as it’s up
Sometimes treading water feels like too much
Focus on the calling
Come on you gotta run don’t ya crawl no more

Let’s get this mojo on the come up
Get satisfied ain’t nobody lookin’ for sympathy
Stop wasting time and get back on the grind
Even king kong got nothing on me
Once I could see I was my own enemy
My demons pushin’ me to the dark
You’d see in my eyes how far I’d rise
With my fears burning in the pyre

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