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Speech Rich – Somethin’ Like That

Speech Rich - Somethin' Like That

Look, Speech rich, game six, this it/ Tryna overcome the battle of negative forces
Hoarder my thoughts, different plots vision lost/ I pray through the storm enlightenments what I want
Engage, never over look life/ took 20 odd years to see it in the light
Despite, the fight, to make, it right/ Dark Invites but Light Is Life
Pain, envision how I could change/ Invitation to the stars, let heaven rain
I kick push no board, grinding be the cause/ Obstacles overcome its making us who we are
I marvel at the world no comic/ new outlook Genesis no sonic
Words play, verse played back/ keep your head high, the most highs attached relax… speech rich
Vibe with it

(Matt Storm)
These words I speak, they sink so deep
I still believe…
Speech Rich

(Somethin’ Like That)
Ya an I handle it / Man wit the plan
No scandalous, benefit / Helpin out no detriment
That’s my sentiment / Together endeavor through struggles
Perseverant / Never quit

Level out a bit, so considerate / Tryna be upstanding
Take a step back / think about it
I don’t care if it’s demanding / Influence excellence
Pitchin in, mentorship / Positive particulants

Acceleratin no reservation / Building motivation
Expectin your hatred / Gon’ turn into elation
Cuz you know the situation / The world expectin you to fail kid
That’s why I keep my MO basic / Follow up, back the words that you statin
People fallin off, that’s the sign you wastin your time / Back to the drawing boards,
develop an shine / we gon be fine!

These words I speak, they sink so deep
I still believe…
Speech Rich

These words I speak, they can’t be seen
I still believe…
Speech Rich

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