John K. Samson - Alpha Adept

John K. Samson - Alpha Adept

For now I know we are alone here
Still we should be prepared to leave
I've found a place where I have hidden
Supplies and books and sleeping bags
And I'll sing in my prescriptions
From our fort out in the forest near a stream
And they'll place them in a tiny yellow sailboat
And sail them to me

All I can say is I'm excited
All I can do is let you know
You are the one I wanna be with
When they return to claim the Earth
For a planet near Orion's belt
Where everyone is happier and tall
And they sing a billion stories with their minds
While flying all around the sky

I have heard them singing each to each
And who's to say that they won't sing to me
I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure
They're gonna sing a song for you and me

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