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Packy – Miss Me III

Packy - Miss Me III

Say my name so I can hear it
They told me this shit was a Hail Mary
Then I went and caught the Holy Spirit
Spit your bars, I set the bar, you won’t get near it
We see through all your lyrics, yeah, they all on clearance
You recycled, I’m here for the title
I built this shit from nothing
I’m the real American Idol, it’s over
At your front door like it’s October
Made me stand outside and I just got colder
What did you think it was, you got me fucked up
But I already caught the buzz
Speck all on my hat like the home team
Move merch like I’m selling to a dope fiend
Got it going overseas, now they know me out in London-town, what-what
Tryna’ finesse it from the underground, what-what
Fuck your magazine, give a fuck what your list read
All that bullshit can miss me

Miss me, miss me
All that bullshit that can miss me
Miss me, miss me
All of that, all of that miss me
This is for the nights I stayed up
All my old girls, they laid up
I know you’re probably better off
I be in the lab too much

I love it like x-o
See her at my next show
You don’t like me, say it with your chest though
Cutthroat, still learnin’ how to flex though
You don’t get the job done, baby heads roll
Y’all got complacent
Y’all hit the ceiling, I built the foundation
Y’all got bravado but y’all wait on lottos
My new chick is too thick, my old chick come model
You like all the pics that pray for the follow
She with me tonight, then they broke up tomorrow
Twice in one summer, I been fucking reckless
This ain’t no fairytale, these are my confessions
I was messin’ up, think I learned my lesson
Money in my mattress, I don’t get invested
Let me live a little, had to gain perspective
Got it out my system

Back to makin’ records
Yeah, workin’ more than 9 to 5
Competition go to sleep and then I come alive
I’m not the one to lie
Motherfuck the other side
All I hear is cover guys
They don’t get the longevity and then they wonder why
I paint picture like Shutterfly
I’m not other guys, I say jump, they jump man
What a time, keep it two number nines
Plus one, Speck or die, say that shit a hundred times
Then say that shit another time
Made change, got another dime
I’m heatin’ up, they just throw shade, man it’s summertime
Cannonball how we make waves, man the summer’s mine
I see my success got you conflicted
You wanna hate but you gotta be opportunistic
I been doin’ what I say like it’s say scripted
Train left the station, sorry that you missed it

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