Palisades - Through Hell

Palisades - Through Hell

I feel like lately I've been locked in a cell
I find the pretty things and put them through hell
I might be crazy but I can't really tell
I find the pretty things and then I put them through hell

Don't know just what we'll find
So hold me down and look inside
Today we're out of time
So brace yourself
I'll cross the line

So go
I keep pretending I have control
I wear a mask so you'll never know
I'm bottled up ready to explode
So go

Fucked up but it's what I need
Finding serenity with the rage inside of me
Shot out
God I pray for peace
But the serenity comes with rage, it sets me free

Can't stop, I've burnt the brakes
The price I'll pay if death awaits
Shut off, the lights resign
The silence now, too hard to find

Much like the lock on my cage
I keep a vault in my head
It's where I keep my insanity
I know I did this myself
Cause I find the prettiest things
And then I put them through hell

Fucked up but it's what I need
Oh god will I find my peace?
I need serenity
Is this my serenity?

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