Joyce Manor - Eighteen

Joyce Manor - Eighteen

But doesn't it feel good
To take off your t-shirt
And let somebody feel ya
Somebody steal ya
You can't get behind what
You can't even find
It's getting harder to deal with
It’s nothing to fear, easy for you to say

Say, doesn't it feel bad
Things that you can't have
Even when you were near her
Wearing a t-shirt
You can't be defined by
What you're keeping inside
Might push you into the lime-light
Just give it a try
Still don't believe in yourself

At eighteen
Life's a bad dream
Then you wake up
Things are different for you
It seems so simple
When you step out and view it
Just find something to do
And then do it

Everybody gets a little lonely sometimes
I get so tongue-tied
I feel so old today

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