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ICON FOR HIRE – Invincible

ICON FOR HIRE - Invincible

I am, I am invincible
You ain’t seen nothing yet

In the dark, in the mess
All my life I have been
Folded up, holding back
Don’t know how we live like that
From the flame I emerged
With the strength I have earned

I belonged to the night
But I learned to survive
And I know I got fight
I feel it inside

I am, I am invincible
I am, I am invincible
You ain’t seen nothing yet

When the dark comes for me
I won’t run, I will scream
I’m stronger than I used to be

I don’t throw out nice words
To make me feel better about what I’ve endured
You better believe I’m not that naive
You cut me up, yeah you bet I’ll bleed
So invincible? Maybe not quite true
But I’ll keep saying it till it gets through
Till I start acting like I can do
Whatever the ha I put my mind to

You live like you’re invisible…
Don’t you wanna be invincible?

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