Dave Hause - With You

Dave Hause - With You

I couldn't stop the ringing in my head
I couldn't stand not seeing you one more time
before we're dead
I want to turn it on and turn you up again while
we're still in our prime
I want the next thirty minutes to feel like a
fucking crime
I'm gonna need your help to sing these songs
I've been losing blood and spinning wheels for
far too long
You clap in time, I'll make it rhyme and we'll
pretend we're in our prime
Ache with me and I'll ache with you
I want to do it with you
Dance with me we'll all be dead soon
I want to do it with you
I need a friend right now who reminds me of my home
I need a friend right now I'm sick of staring
at my phone
I need a friend right now I know I can do it but I
don't want to do it alone
I'm no good here on my own

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