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You and I go deep like water
You and I run red like blood
You know my darkest secrets
I know what you’re made of

Drip drop the rain is falling
I hear it all could flood
One rainy night away
From losing all you love

It’s a brilliant game you play
When you lock yourself away and
You make me fight for you, you, you

I can’t keep you above water
I can’t drag your soul to shore
Don’t know how to fix a sinking ship
Or win a losing war
It’s a heavy load to carry
And I can’t hold on much more
On the surface, it looks perfect
Underneath, it’s just a perfect storm

I’ve so much more to tell you
We’re running out of time
It’s dark and dangerous
Treading oceans in your mind

Up all night I held your hand
While you wondered in the dark
You know I can’t make you better
When all you want to be is lost

I can’t survive for both of us
I can’t hold back the waves
This ocean isn’t big enough for both of us
I’ll let the water carry me away

I’ll let the water carry me down

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