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Conspire – Row ft. Ricky Armellino

Conspire - Row ft. Ricky Armellino

The rights of the oppressed,
the warfare overseas,
the value of a life is never dwindling.
You can be so distracted by the lights and the noise,
it could feel like your heart is somewhere in the void.
I wanna feel.
I’m reevaluating,
I’m not gonna lose everyone that I know.
I wanna feel like myself again,
while you’re still next to me.
Walk through the fog,
through all of these wrongs.
Just say that you’ll right them with me.
There’s something about the way we behave that contradicts the things that we say,
we say we believe,
We’re going nowhere and there’s a storm,
It’s bearing down to where we are.
I need you to row.
Tracing the lives in the places we’ve bombed.
I’m not doing it alone.
Facing the pain from different angles.
We’re interconnected whether you like it or not.
I’m not doing it alone.
And if we don’t pull one another forward,
we stay where we are.
And if redemptive violence is a deadly sin,
I couldn’t even imagine what God thinks of preemptive violence.
And it’s wrong to broadly classify others as enemies.
No rationalization solves this,
and clinging to hatred only clouds it further.
These are commonplace ideas and I thought you were too exceptional for them.
We’re going nowhere,
and that’s a storm bearing down to where we are.
I need you to row.
We’re going nowhere,
it’s a lot of weight to bear,
and I’m not doing it on my own.
I need you to row.
Looking over people succumbing to sickness.
I’m not doing it alone.
Marketing their own poison while consuming everyone else’s.
Taking the time to consider the differences.
I’m not doing it alone.
It’s a modern crusade for those who remain motionless.
Your defenses are ruining who you are.

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