Atmosphere - Seismic Waves

Atmosphere - Seismic Waves

Armageddon started; I guess it wasn't that hard to miss
It didn't trip the alarm on ya hybrid carbon footprint
The darts are rigged and i'm a big fan of carbs and the artist Prince
Theres a marginal risk that ya cards won't hit
It's like tryna borrow a barbecue rib from a starving kid
Be thankful if ya stars are lit
Or ya might get caught between the Charmin and shit
The armor fits to stay outta harms grip
But karmas a bitch so when your heartbeat quits
Consider all the death you've invested with
The shoes, the booze, the phone; that you textin' with
Disrespecting gets second amendmented
But the species still seem to be trendin'
From the friend zone all the way to the kremlin
The devil give a fuck about a flag; or an emblem
Things ain't been the same since Trayvon, shit
Things ain't been the same since Reagan; wait
Ain't a single thing change from the days
When the gods went crazy and broke the languages
We tryna make these payments
Ain't got the privileged to exhibit the patience
Gone next week so tonight we lie
With no lives to save
Seismic waves

I should jump back n kiss myself
But I've been workin on learning to resist myself
I used to think criticism was the definition
Fish swimmin' up a river full of pessimism
I wanna catch one; bare handed
Clean it; cook it, and feed it to Lazarus
All around the planets the same as Minneapolis
Everybody lookin' for a little love, and happiness
I don't romanticize the rain
And those drugs only hide the pain
Turn up the temperature
High as a plane with non-sequiturs
The tired be trained
And you keep Christoper Walken
With the shit that you're talkin'
You can't take it with if it don't fit in your coffin
As a kid, i didn't give it much thought then
Just wanted a mouth full of nipple
And a zippo; in my zipper pocket
I remember when the whole world stank like an ashtray; yeah
The good ol' days
I wanna laugh when somebody say 'The Good Ol' Days'
But they was good Cause we did learn to look both ways
Across a road way
Like everything'll be okay
Before we go the fuck away like a snowflake
Gone next week but tonight
I'm tryna reach those seismic
Climb those Seismic Waves

I don't need another reason
Cause i'm leavin with you (with you)
I don't need another reason;
Cause I'm sleepin' with you (with you)
I don't need another reason
Cause I'm leaving with you (with you)
I don't need another reason;
Cause I'm sleepin' with you (with you)
I don't need another reason
Cause I'm leaving with you (with you)
I don't need another reason

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