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Tiny Moving Parts – Common Cold

Tiny Moving Parts - Common Cold

My lungs need to act like windows and open up
I can’t breathe

Tell the furniture to take off their costumes
I’m sick and tired of feeling empty in a crowded room
Being claustrophobic never felt so selfish
I know I’m not crazy
I would take anything to bypass my mood
You can’t consume what you’re allergic to
Turn the lights off, turn the lights off
I don’t wanna see anything
Turn the lights off
Hope is all I need to bring

I’ll lay you by the door
You’ll leak into the
You’ll leak into the floor
You’ll leak into the floorboards

I wanna hear you speak
Either you’re shrinking or this place is expanding
Like sewers in the Spring

… is all you need to bring
(to the table) I’ve tried before
(try again) impossible
(believe me) believe you?
I don’t believe in anything

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