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Safe To Say – Tangerine

Safe To Say - Tangerine

I once thought that spring meant growing
Where the winters were stark
And the summers hot

I once felt like blooming made up
For a lack of growth
In all of the things I’m not
I set a trap under a tree
To catch the good in me that wants to leave
Let the worst in
Take the best out
Like a cocoon
It’s true that I missed you

I felt that I was never built to fold
So I sit and I watch as my father gets old
And his hair turns grey
More and more each day

I’m seeing graves in the ways that I’m losing friends
And I don’t want to make belief
Or to pretend that’s how it goes
So I’m told
Could you crease and fold
You can bloom

When the worst is in
Take the best things out
Because you know it’s true
That I missed you

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