OWEL - Pale Soft Light

OWEL - Pale Soft Light

Crafty and quiet are these two hands of mine
Climb down your spine like a ladder
And slide to your sides
Crafty and quiet
Carefully scheming to bring home the kill
They’re stopped by the warden in the valley
They run for the hills
Carefully still

To hide in the pale soft light
Crafty and quiet

Now that the guards have
All gone back to bed
They head for the garden
Through the valley
They roll back your eyes

To hide in the pale soft light
Crafty and quiet

To hide in the pale soft light
And stay there until this night
Feels like a memory
That we are swimming in
Crafty and oh so quiet
Aren't these hands of mine?
They climb down from your spine
Down to the pale soft light
Keep us wrapped in the pale soft light

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