Famous Dex - Lemonade

Famous Dex - Lemonade

Woah Woah
Turn me up a little a big sis
Yeah, ah what
Who on the beat
Sci Fi on the beat
Yeah, fuck your lil bitch in my ditch
Fuck your lil bitch in my ditch, woah
Yeah (ah why)
I like saying yeah a lot because I like the money

Uh Dexter bitch, yeah I'm Johnny K
Ballin hard since the second grade
Baby suck me like some lemonade
But whole time it's a lemon date
I just want the money, keep the face
And I might eat the cake
I'm ridin' round in a rafe
Oh shit, baby have a nice day
I wonder if she like me
When does this bitch want to Skype me
Just do it like Nike
Had to pull a lil Audi
Oh shit, yeah I cop me a Audi
Wow, all these bitches saying damn
My baby look good on the gram
I'm throwing bullets like Cam
I ballin hard like Durant
Little girl Ima stop
Fuck your little bitch off my cock
I'm taking her far
Had to go get me some top, woah
I had to go get me some top
Living my life like a movie
I look at my body, be gucci
All these bitches wanna do me
Oh baby you can do me

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