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Róisín Murphy – Whatever

Róisín Murphy - Whatever

Whatever floats your boat’s your lifestyle choices
You take a little coke and ride wild horses
But when I talk to you I don’t hear voices

I get to live a life as if by proxy
I shouldn’t be surprised you’d try and stop me
Forever it’s Spring for you, not for me

I am a broken man, and I won’t make a fuss
I will be gone before you miss me, my love

In writing from the edge, your correspondent
He won’t let you forget that he’s despondent
But you’re unavailable for any comment

Just livin’ for the day of our next encounter
I never found a way to live without her
I’m sorry to say it, I know it’s a downer

The provocation of desire’s often mundane
Never complain, never explain, my love

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