Pryde - Thinking and Drinking

Pryde - Thinking and Drinking

Alright.. Look
Never forgetting the fact you helped me
But can't forget the fact that you talked to somebody else
While I was struggling to keep my life together for the better
I thought you had my back but you really wanted the pleasure
Of attention from these men that wasn't really sincere
Thinking I ain't love you properly, but it wasn't clear
I was tryna get ahead and I was living in fear cause I had pressure on me
I know that you was tryna get to know me
But you ain't had to give those dudes the time of day
I loved you, it's just that I had so much shit up in the way
I was mourning over death
I was trying to pay my rent
Now I'm seeing every other man that knows me as a threat
And the city is still cold, dudes wanna just use you
My life about to be popping I wish I could include you
But we both on different levels and I wish you'd grow up
If you hear this know that you still got my love

That's why I just keep thinking
That's why I just keep drinking
That's why I just keep thinking
Don't be afraid, we'll be okay

It rain, now these car windows foggy
Wishing you were by my side with your soft skin upon me
This ain't a song about how I miss you
Or how it's been so long
It's a song about my truths and how I realising you're gone
You ain't have to be so hard on me for not being present
I loved you, you were priority
I said it, I meant it
But I'm growing more than anything
I'd wish that you'd get it
Life is more than always asking for credit
Cause I know I did a lot for you
But I don't wanna rub that in your face
I did it because I cared
I wanted you to be safe
I ain't ready for forever
But I'm trying to find my way
I can't believe you went to him
What the hell am I to say?
Cause he used to be my homie
He told you that he don't know me
He disrespected me, lied to you
Got his way, now you're lonely.. it's crazy
But even though I ain't physically there
And this relationship ain't healthy you should know that I still care and that's why I..

That's why I just keep thinking
That's why I just keep drinking
That's why I just keep thinking
Don't be afraid, we'll be okay

I just keep [x3]
I just keep [x3]
I just keep [x3]

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