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Kølesce – For A Minute

Kølesce - For A Minute

I don’t want to run away no more
I give my heart to you
I don’t wanna contemplate no more
All that I am, lost in you

I feel your touch in my mind
Whatever this is, it won’t leave my side
Maybe I need you more than I know?
But I want you to know

Can we stay here for a min?
Will you dry my tears, tell me it’s ok? It’s ok.
Can we stay just one more min?
Will you always look at me in that way, in that way?
Cos’ I never ever felt so high
Lost in a little paradise
Can we stay here? Just stay right here.
I never ever felt so right
Let all my inhibitions fly
Can we stay here? Just stay right here.

I don’t wanna play pretend no more
Let me give you my all
Show you real love is so much more
Than what you’ve seen before

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